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This page is about receiving digital signals that (almost) all aircraft broadcast on 1090 MHz.

In the past, aircraft were spotted by the radar at the airport, the reflected rays were received by the radar and so could be determined where the plane flew. Nowadays the aircraft themselves send the information through all kinds of sensors and GPS, the aircraft nowadays know very well where they are, how high they are flying, the speed and also the temperature and air pressure in the area are transmitted and much more information.

Using a Raspberry (small computer) and a DVB-T USB receiver you can receive radio signals in the air, by using ' dump1090 ' software you can follow the aircraft via ADS-B. (Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast).

The data that NL3EHV daily captures of these aircraft will be sent to 4 different websites that in turn make it visible to the general public.
(It's about 3-5 GiB of data to upload)

And this is what's currently flies (live) around this globe, you will see later that NL3EHV only receive a small part of the total..

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The Raspberry Pi3 in action and Snoopy watches that everything continues to work.

On the following links you can see the status of the Raspberry Pi3 and what NL3EHV currently receives.

NL3EHV Raspberry Pi3 statusview (
Temporarily unavailable)

NL3EHV Live view  - (
Temporarily unavailable) Most aircraft, who NL3EHV sees, fly max around 430 KM from my location (any red ring is 100 Km)

NL3EHV Graph view - (
Temporarily unavailable) Explanation Graph - (if you click on 'Graph' the file ADS.doc will be downloaded to your computer)

Below some screenshots:

In case of fog, you will wait a while, if it does not work, you will be sent to another airport to land there.
I definitely need a higher place for my antenna, so that I have 360 degrees around reception.
NL3EHV on FlightAware
Aircraft also transmit a so-called Squawk code, above is a message Squawk 7600 Radio Failure.
Very annoying at over 12 KM height. In this type of messages becomes the airplane, on this website,
(and probably also the pilot)

Other code's are:

7500 - Hi-Jacking
7600 - Radio Failure
7700 - General Emergency

Planefinder                        (We send our data to these websites)
And one Private website
Corona 2020 - Significantly fewer planes in the sky -
The red spots are Thunderclouds
The Corona virus grounded a lot of planes for a while.

                                                                 You crashed and hit the bottom