What is Mumble?

"Mumble is a free, open source, low latency, high quality voice / chat application.
Mumble was the first VoIP application to establish true low latency voice communication over a decade ago."

So mumble is a Chat program with which you can also make free Telephone calls. (chat and voice encrypted

-You will find the mumble program for the PC here. (only shows download directory)
-The mumble program for Android can be found in the play store under "
Mumla - Mumble VoIP" but it can also be another client.

Your settings are:

Port: 64738

Need Help? Mail to: [email protected]
Mumble is a direct chat program, so you cannot leave messages like on Whatsapp for example.

For normal users:
- Low-latency - great for talking and gaming
- Stay private and secure
- Always encrypted communication
- Public/private-key authentication by default
- Recognize friends across servers

For gamers:
- In-game Overlay - see who is talking, FPS and the current time
- Positional audio - hear the players from where they are located in-game
- Wizards to guide you through setup, like configuring your microphone


Your whole communication to and from the server is always encrypted.
This encryption is mandatory and cannot be disabled.
The so-called control channel, which transports your chat messages and other non-time critical information, is encrypted with TLS using 256 bit AES-SHA.
The voice channel carrying speech and positional audio is encrypted with OCB-AES 128 bit.
You and the server authenticate to each other using digital certificates like they are used for secured connections in Web-browsers.

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