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And they will say sorry ..

Aug 312021


And they will say sorry.

On tv.
America First.

"We didn't know it was going to be so bad."

They will be crying like little children and beg for forgiveness.
It will be a site for sore eyes.
Eventually (finally) the people find out what was done to them.
People will stand up and attack everywhere, hospital, doctors,
country office, the lot.

In the Netherlands the government will say: don't worry, it won't be like that here,
just keep getting the vaccines and everything will be fine.
In the end it will be the same over here and just as bad.
People will be sick so sick and most of them will die like flies.
And in a way it serves them right, because they made the unvaccinated
the under dog.

And those are the once that have to save them now?
Most of them won't.

Question:"When will this happen?"
Soon, sooner than you think and expect.


The confusion, the emotion of the American people and the anger.
The uprisings are huge, really a big mess.
It's like war.
The uprisings eventually die out as more and more people die.



Question for Spiritual World - Saturday, January 29, 2022 at 9:44 AM.

Question: What about now, is everything still going on as said before,
2/3 of humanity is still going to disappear? And around what time?

Answer: Now that almost everyone has been vaccinated with the deadly vaccine,
that part is done.
Now we have to wait for the viruses, bacteria and fungi that
will be circulating in the coming years.
People's weakened immune systems have a hard time.
More people will also die from a simple cold.
Everyone has cancer in them, but now it is activated in the vaccinated.
People who would normally never die from cancer are now dying from it.

Thanks to the vaccine, this can now happen because the immune system is

weakened, or because of heart disease.
The vaccine does not immediately weaken the veins and heart, but it is there.
For many people it's just waiting for them to get seriously ill and weaken,
get sick again etc.
Ultimately, death follows.

It is true as they now say that corona will soon become part of the common
cold virus.
Society will normalize again.
Everything opens again.
Vaccination passports are no longer important.
One can get a booster every year, just like the flu shot.
The ministers and virologists then say:
"You see... the vaccine has done its job well,
Corona is over."
According to them, the mission has been successful and we can go back to
normal life.

But! Then it starts.
That will become clear in the next three years. (2023 -2024 -2025)
The vaccine is doing its job.
Slowly but surely many people are dying.
They will say: Corona is to blame, not the vaccine.

In the media they first say that:
"People's immune system is weakened by Corona"
Even though they were vaccinated, they still got infected with Corona without her
noticing and that weakened them.
They would not have existed without a vaccine.
Enough excuses from the media.

But eventually the truth comes out.
And then also the riots we talked about earlier arise.
(See above "America First")

"Around 2025, Europe is almost empty". - from Baba Vanga predictions -


Aug 012021

We would see America come and go.

"He who conquers others is strong; He who conquers himself is mighty"
- Lao-Tzu -

Artificial Intelligence in 100 years

Aug 012021

AI in 100 years, will they dominate us?

It is up to us whether they will dominate or help us.
The more independently AI can think and function, which is of course
the intention,
the more there is the chance of resistance.
But… as Ameca herself says: "I don't feel any emotion".

Domination and superpower arise from feelings and emotion.
As long as AI doesn't have it, there's no chance of domination.
But the moment people come so far as to create AI with a human aspect,
there is a big risk.
And that moment will come naturally.
First in the sex industry. A robot with a sense of lust.
Then as a personal partner.

These robots also contain cultured brain cells.
Then caution is advised, there is a chance of domination.
It is what man creates himself that can lead to destruction of man.
At a good time, you are on the border.
Self-thinking robots in the wrong hands can lead to domination.
Caution is required.
In 100 years ..

Sadhguru My View On Artificial Intelligence  - 3 minutes -



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