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Jul 042021

 Into Consciousness - 7 minutes -
(Probably the most important video on this blog)


"Don't mention your Country or City when I ask where you were born,
I ask where 'you' were born." - Boca Chica -


Jul 042021

Occult and Mysticism Ep1 Tantra Is Not About Sex
Occult and Mysticism Ep2 Can You Really Warg Into Animals and Control Them
Occult and Mysticism Ep3 How Tantrics Make Dead Bodies Walk
Occult and Mysticism Ep4 How Do Gurus Transmit Knowledge To Disciples
Occult and Mysticism Ep5 Parallel Universes Exist, Here Is How They Affect You
Occult and Matsyendranaths Lesson For Gorakhnath


Jul 042021

Something Phenomenal Can Happen When You Turn 33
What Happens To You On a full Moon Day?

Law of Attraction
How To Respond When Someone Is Being Nasty
Of Meanings
How Your Breath and Energy Changes During The Day
The Spiritual Significance of The Ring Finger
Unfolding Children Genius
How Do You Stop The Mind Chatter
Lots of Yogis Die Before 35! - What to do with your hair.
What Chanting A Mantra Can Do to You
How it is a Consecrated Chant

How Do I Measure My Spiritual Progress

"Learning to listen is the essence of intelligent living" - Sadhguru -


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