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Virus and Vaccine

May 112021

Dr. Coleman about the Corona virus and vaccine
(50 seconds Dutch after that English and Dutch sub)

Old man in a Chair at 5:50 minutes
National Library of Medicine USA
"End experimental mRNA vaccin 31 januari 2023"

So, who are we (or you) to say now (24-07 2021) that this mRNA
vaccin is safe to use? Aren't we acting in a terribly irresponsible way?

But 'they' have said on TV that it is safe.
Indeed, it is 'administratively' quickly approved, but that is different from a
necessary test period of several years.
It is now up to you what you do with this information.

"This is not a pandemic, it's an IQ-test"

Fortunately, we have good news channels that do not influence us.

And what has Rudolf Steiner to say about the virus
(1861-1925 A warning from the past about the future?)

Will there be more vaxxidents? (Clif High)
Clif High say vaxxed people will die in 3 years, crypto and other
things to come in the near future.

Coleman about the vaccine, a must see.
Now you are awake !

Question from Advanced reader:

Okay, I might die from the vaccine (or not), but if I reincarnate then the
problem is over, right?

Answer: The vaccine has penetrated at the soul level and has
done damage there. A reincarnated body will therefore also have
a weak immune system. Ultimately, humanity will learn that every
physical problem has a spiritual origin.

Let me explain this: If a problem (trauma or broken bone) is
not addressed or healed quickly, it has an impact on the
soul and will reveal itself again in the next life.
If you still have a problem on a soul level from your previous life,
it can be noticeable in your physical body.
Therefore, sometimes a doctor can't do anything for you.

Let's go on ..
Vaccine makers have nothing to lose by marketing their experimental
COVID-19 shots, even if they cause serious injury and death,
as they enjoy full indemnity against injuries occurring from COVID-19
vaccines or any other pandemic vaccine under the Public Readiness
and Emergency Preparedness (PREP) Act, passed in the U.S. in 2005.
What if someone inject you with an experimental drug that they say is
safe and later it turns out that people die from it and that it's 99 percent
sure that you will die too?  Suppose you find out about this.

What will you want to do to those guys then?
I ask this because you are about to wake up and see what is really going on)

"The world began before you and will continue after you,
but it will be different because of the decisions you made."

Let's dig a little deeper

May 112021

Virus (dec 2021)
About the Virus:

It goes much further than just getting infected.

It also has to do with an awareness process.
How conscious are you in life and what do you do with it.
Do you go with the crowd and do what everyone else is doing.
If you follow your own path and believe, then you have little to fear and that
already works as a protection against the spikes.

What matters now is how independently thinking people are and how consciously
they are, because only with those people can the earth continue.

It's been hard for a while and you're the underdog, but you'll be fine in the end.

Don't get scared:
Afraid that people will become infected, then you are just as busy as the majority
of people who are afraid of corona.

Blood transfusions are not recommended with the blood of a vaccinated person,
as that is the same as having it injected.

Although the chances of the spike roaming freely in the veins are slim.
It immediately settles in the cells.

About the Vaccine:
It can never be taken out.
It penetrates deep into the cell nucleus.
However, some people can live with it and have little or no trouble with it.
Only better not to reproduce and give blood.

Distance is desirable for very ill people:
The spike protein is the culprit.
If people get very sick because of it, they can spread it the same way a disease
can spread.
Distance is required.
Explained further; becoming very ill is when hospitalized, requiring 24 hours of care.
Fortunately, unvaccinated people can handle it better and people who have had
corona even better.
It is precisely the vaccinated that will suffer the most because
of their weakened immune system.
The healthcare workers who are all vaccinated are getting a hard time.

About Chlorine dioxide and Ivermectin:
Helps against a corona infection, provided it is not too heavy.

About Employment:
There will be less and less work because people are dying. Client after client
They end up in the hospital one by one and even two or three for
one reason or another.
After the boost, it goes back so fast that it makes you dizzy.
It remains a bizarrely strange thing how people can be so stupid and only see this truth and look no further.
We're going to see that there will be a lot of people who ultimately don't die from
covid or from the vaccine, but just,
as it sounds, from depression, fear
or sadness.
Many people cannot handle this apocalyptic new world.
They literally go under.

And that changes the number of people left.
I see that there will be very few people left anyway.
I see completely empty streets and cities.
Overgrown houses.
The cities become jungle again.

The people that remain will centralize.
But there will be plenty who will not and will live in solitude.

Mankind is digging its own grave:
And it's so deep, so deep, they fall in before they're dead.
Why don't they read through everything that is said in the media.
Why don't they do their own research.
There are many more cons to be found than pros if you look closely.
It is also becoming increasingly clear.
If they only believe the media, then they are visually impaired, hard of hearing,
blind or completely deaf.
It is very good that some people listened carefully at the beginning of the
pandemic and followed their gut feeling afterwards.
They said in the media: we cannot make a vaccine quickly, it will take 10 years.
There was a vaccine within six months.
How believable is that.
The pharmaceutical company does not guarantee any side effects.
If people still don't know how dangerous it is to participate in this experiment,
we wonder how much they love their lives.
They gamble with their health.
Of course people will die from corona, but now people also die who would
never get corona.
And those who would normally die without a vaccine now have a temporary stay of execution.

These Predictions are till 2025 ..

Baba Vanga's Prediction over 2025: Europe will still be little settled.

The Hidden Purpose of Covid-19 (bad quality video)

"Your future depends on what you do today." - Gandhi -

Anti-vaccine cartoons

May 112021

Some anti-vaccine cartoons i found on the internet
It does make you think ..



16-08-2021 - France - Bron:
Text on the cross: "The vaccine kills your immune system"













Pearl Jam - I Am Mine
Mine.txt (click to see the text of the song)

"The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy
so monstrous he cannot believe it exists." - J. Edgar Hoover -

Edgar Hoover (1895–1972) was an American who served as
first Director of the FBI of the United States.


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