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Nuclear power plants

Jun 092021

Health (20-aug-2021)
Question from a reader:
If so many people die, of the virus or vaccine,
who will take care of the Nuclear power plants?

Answer:  Boy, who thinks about that now :) Good question!
Well, I don't know much about a nuclear power stations,
but I do know
that those power stations must always be adjusted.
Compare it to riding a bicycle with free hands,
you have to constantly keep an eye on your balance.

No idea how that will go, can't they just be turned off?
Do they go automatically off?
It's not really an answer, but maybe someone is waking up somewhere.

I will open Comments on this one ..


James07 January, 2022Nearing a routine shutdown, on April 25, 1986, a crew of workers prepared to test the turbines spin duration and power supply, after losing main electric power, to circulating pumps at Chernobyl reactor 4. Multiple actions by operators, such as disabling the mechanisms for automatic shutdown. (That was not wise) -- Three Mile Island: The accident to TMI-2 occurred at 4 in the morning on March 28th. The reactor was functioning at ninety-seven percent power. The reactor experienced a malfunction in its secondary cooling circuit, resulting in a temperature increase in the primary coolant, causing an automatic shutdown of the reactor. When the automatic shutdown took place, the relief valve malfunctioned and did not close, allowing the primary coolant to drain, subsequently not removing the residual decay heat from the core of the reactor. This caused significant damage to the core. Operators failed to diagnose the problem and therefore failed to properly respond to the unanticipated reactor shutdown. The root causes of the Three Mile Island accident proved to be a lack of control room instrumentation and poor training for emergency response. Had the operators had an instrument that notified them of the relief valve had not shut, the accident may have been avoided.
Arjan30 January, 2022I think this is gonna be a BIG problem in the time to come !!

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