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Artificial Intelligence in 100 years

Aug 012021

AI in 100 years, will they dominate us?

It is up to us whether they will dominate or help us.
The more independently AI can think and function, which is of course
the intention,
the more there is the chance of resistance.
But… as Ameca herself says: "I don't feel any emotion".

Domination and superpower arise from feelings and emotion.
As long as AI doesn't have it, there's no chance of domination.
But the moment people come so far as to create AI with a human aspect,
there is a big risk.
And that moment will come naturally.
First in the sex industry. A robot with a sense of lust.
Then as a personal partner.

These robots also contain cultured brain cells.
Then caution is advised, there is a chance of domination.
It is what man creates himself that can lead to destruction of man.
At a good time, you are on the border.
Self-thinking robots in the wrong hands can lead to domination.
Caution is required.
In 100 years ..

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