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The Global Consciousness Project

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Health 22-02-2022

How it works
The Global Consciousness Project collects random numbers from around
the world. This website downloads those numbers once a minute and performs
sophisticated analysis on these random numbers to see how coherent
they are. That is, we compute how random the random numbers coming
from the eggs really are. The theory is that the Global Consciousness of
all Beings of the Planet affect these random numbers...

The Global Consciousness Project
, created originally in the
Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research Lab at Princeton University,
is directed by Roger Nelson from his home office in Princeton U.S.A.
(Soon this blog will join the GCP project)

Update: 04-04-2022 and we are live, 4142 (scroll down)
More about: (Dutch)

Click on the DOT, This is a real time data analysis of
the Global Consciousness Project.
(The DOT color can fade between each other so it's possible to have,
for example, yellow-orange-ish and green-yellow-ish colors.)

Look at for the Raspberry status.


Disclaimer: This blog is for entertainment only.